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Hi everyone, well Ive finally got my journal almost perfect Im learning the more i do. I have however run into a problem. I want to add some free text components in with my links, caledar and so forth. I found the code that  kunzite1 has so nicely set up but i cant help but think that my shrinking and centering code is blocking me from having my free text show up. Ive tried to do this on my own but Ive royally screwed up my journal in the process. If anyone wants to help it would be highly appreciated! Thanks!


not much of a tutorial but here's a theme layer that you can break apart and use.

layerinfo "type"            = "theme";
layerinfo "name"            = "mix default and custom components using print_free_text()";
layerinfo "source_viewable" = "1";

set first_position  = "free_text_order";
set second_position = "none";
set third_position  = "none";
set fourth_position = "none";
set fifth_position  = "none";
set sixth_position  = "none";
set show_free_text  = true;

# you can use these 5 lines as often as you want to make more component boxes
# just take the comments to the right off and take the #'s off of the front of each line
# print_comp_header("TEXT HERE"); # prints component header with text "TEXT HERE" (w/out quotes)
# """                             # starts html code block
# HTML HERE                       # put html here
# """;                            # ends html code block
# print_comp_footer();            # prints component closing code

function print_free_text(Page p){

print_comp_header("Free text 1");
Free text 1

print_profile($p);  # profile

print_comp_header("Free text 2");
Free text 2

print_calendar($p); # calendar

print_comp_header("Free text 3");
Free text 3

print_links($p);    # links

print_comp_header("Free text 4");
Free text 4

print_nav_comp($p); # navigation component

print_comp_header("Free text 5");
Free text 5

$p->lay_print_summary(); # summary component

print_comp_header("Free text 6");
Free text 6

I also looked at this other page ...looks easier but im not sure where to 
add it? "and these in your print_free_text(Page p) function in the order of which you want them to appear

and if my code Im already using blocks it from working...Thanks in advance

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