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currently playing music component?

I'm always trying to think of some type of new component. I'm limited to HTML and some S2 unfortunately, which limits my creativity quite a bit. But I know there are plenty of you here that could probably figure this out. I hope so anyway. :)

There used to be a plugin for media player called Songwriter. My understanding is that it is no longer working and any much needed development was abandoned some time ago. That's unfortunate because it would work perfectly here. But it used a variety of methods for posting one's mp3 tags to the web (FTP, PHP, etc.). Since then, I found this article which describes how to put now playing info into your AIM profile (actually, you have to use GAIM). It actually involves several plugins and is a rather involved process, but everything is open-source and the processes are much more digestable for you programmers than for me, I'm sure. Basically the process involves taking the tags from iTunes and placing them into a text file, stored locally, which is then fetched by the GAIM plugin and inserted into the user's profile using a string with "%x". I'm thinking, there must be a way to automatically upload that text file via FTP or some other protocol and then, perhaps, use a PHP script(?) to grab the text and place it into a component (in triple quotations-surrounded HTML, of course. ;) )


I love the M/B/T comp, but it's so static, especially for a guy like me who is constantly listening to iTunes and whose music tastes are always changing.

Edit: Well, hell. verdena figured it out pretty quick by sending me to http://www.audioscrobbler.com . But for my own satisfaction, was I at least on the right track as to what one hypothetically would have to do?

Edit2: Check the comments, if you would. Could someone tell me how to change the php/image creator to not show a timestamp?

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