cat*e (amcam) wrote in component_help,

Ok.. I feel really silly but I have to post this.

In the past I have attempted to make my main page smaller (entries) and with scrollbars if it's too long.
I remember there was a tutorial for this but I have no idea where to put the coding and when I put it in before there were all these errors.
I've asked ljfriends in the past but they seem annoyed and they don't really have a lot of patience to explain every little detail because I'm a dork and I don't understand..

I've done HTML since 96 and I cannot figure this out at all.. don't assume I'm just being dramatic, I really feel like a total idiot because I don't understand.. I use mac and the beginner guide wouldn't work (it says pc) and I've tried to read guides online. AM I REALLY THIS DENSE?

Anyone who has a ton of patience, please help me. :( If you don't have patience, just ignore me because I don't want people getting angry.

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