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Help PLEASE!!!!!

Ok...I am really not trying to be an idiot but I have read your tutorial on Shrinking and Centering with optional header and 2-3 pages back of other people posts for the last 4 hours and I am a little bit confused. I can't tell what I need to copy/paste to acheive what I am trying to do. I have played around with it and have had no luck or changes within my journal page. I would like to put a header (804x354 371kb) on the top of my journal page (centered) and then shrink and center my journal size maybe 70-75%. Can you please provide me with the EXACT code so I can enter it into my new layer through the Advanced Customization area. I just don't know what to copy/paste. Please heelllllpppp me. Thank You so much in advance for your time =)


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