Lisa Fewell (liabunny) wrote in component_help,
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IE on Macs...

Does anyone here use Internet Explorer on a Macintosh??? One of my friends told me today that she went to my LJ and the scroll boxes on the entries was extremely tiny, where she had to scroll side to side to read it all, and it was extremely short, so she had to scroll down a ton... Also, she was trying to copy and paste something from one of my entries and it wouldn't let her highlight the text in the scrollbox... She said she has the current version of IE for Macs... So if anyone has a Mac and IE, could you check that out for me and see if you have the same problem? I'm tempted to do away with the scrollboxes cuz of that, if it *is* a problem with IE and Macs, and not something screwy with her computer... although I *love* my scrollboxes... :p

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