Greg's Baby (gregsbaby64) wrote in component_help,
Greg's Baby

Just wondering...

Great tutorials! I have 2 questions though, maybe someone can figure out how to answer them, please! I searched and posted a comment about the first one in the Square Components tutorial comments, but I'm asking here as well.

1. I've been trying to put a title header on the nav (recent entries, friends, calendar) bar though, it looks weird when I do it. It's just a black border currently with no header. Please let me know if there is an easy way to do that without messing up the table code...thank you! I have tried to do it and almost have it, but then all the nav tables get messed up and I have the default in there now. I love the square corners vs. rounded corners!

2. Is there any way to put something under the links? I would like to put a copyright box either under my last sidebar box (links) or at the bottom of the page. How do you add things under the links? I have just be able to add things in the middle of the sidebar. How would I add just text at the bottom of the page?

I have read the tutorials about making new layers they are great! Thank you for putting everything in one place. :) I'm new to LJ, but, I have been using PHP and HTML for years. I used Word Press for my blog and before that b2 so I'm more familiar with the PHP side vs. functions, but I'm getting there, learning as I go.

I would appreciate any input, suggestions and comments, thank you!

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