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     I could use some help with a couple of tricky problems as anyone has time... I really appreciate it. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing's working.

     Edit: Both problems solved, thanks to my new hero, daimones ;)

     My journal is [here] and my code is [here]

     First Problem: The components along the left side which contain forms (the three search components) are not centering vertically. The forms seem to automatically valign to top, or maybe they're inexplicably adding extraneous blank space at the end.
     There are no valign tags in that area of my code right now because I've tried adding them everywhere but valign does not fix the problem. I've also tried forcing the valign axis with div tags, but that hasn't worked either.
     It appears as though the problem is in the way the browser displays the forms themselves, rather than being an issue with the surrounding html formatting. The problem is barely noticeable in mozilla, but it's far more noticeable in IE. (go figure.)

     Second Problem: I have purposely stretched the left components column so that it is wider than usual. The only problem is that now the month/year line displayed inside the mini-calendar is off-center. How can I center it?

     Thanks again to anyone who has time to take a look!

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