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Ok, two more questions

Y'all are so helpful here, thank you!

I was hunting on the clock component tutorial and left a comment about putting a countdown/countup script on LJ. I know that java cannot be used, PHP cannot be used either. I don't know if a PHP include can be used though. Anyone tried that?

kunzite1 said that eduthepenguin may have posted one here somewhere, but using the search feature and "countup" only brought me to the clock tutorial. Anyone have any ideas or has seen one anywhere on LJ? It's not going to break my heart or spirit, if I cannot have it, just one of those things that would be nice to have. :)

The second question is how do I or can I block certain parts of my blog, not the entries, but other parts such as my user info in my side components, books I have read, etc. from non-friends? Can it be done? I hope I explained this correctly.

Thank you in advance!

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