David Sawyer (davesawyer) wrote in component_help,
David Sawyer

friends component?

It might turn out to look stupid in the end, but I'm wondering if there's a way to pull the friends list as seen in the userinfo and somehow put it into a component. I'm picturing a scrolling box with the standard userlinks (ex: davesawyer) stacked on top of one another and would probably come alphabetically. This would be an alternative to creating a scrolling component and having to type out each userlink with a break tag over and over. And this would change in real time as friends were added or unfriended. This way people could scroll through easily and see who my friends were and click through to their info or journal.

I think I could build the component itself, I just wouldn't know what livejournal-y things to include (i.e. "print friends list" or whatever).

Hope it hasn't been asked before. But I figured anything is a nice break from, "how do I get rid of this white line?" :p

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