¤†ћë Ŋΐĝћ†ƒőļļőŵër¤ (lanto) wrote in component_help,
¤†ћë Ŋΐĝћ†ƒőļļőŵër¤

I'm wondering if i could get some help on this matter. I tried to post in the "ask a question" but i didnt get a good answer, prob just a newb wanting to get points.

I'm Using "semagic" and i'm able to change the fonts with it. However i'm not able to make the font carry over onto my journal.
I'm wondering how would i be able to do this? Is it even possable? I'm using the "component" layout. Would i have to change my layers or styles?

It says here Faq #171 that by using the "component i can change the font with "font specification".

I guess this is just a dumb question but i''d really like to know if it can work, since i am bored of the same 'ol fonts.

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