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Editing the date

I'm using the boxer layout, but I used a tutorial from here to edit the look of the date in my layout. Since the date issue I'm wondering about isn't layout specific, and no one in the boxer community responded to my question I thought I'd try asking here. Here's what I posted there:

I'm working on a new layout in my test journal, and I was fussing with the date. Using the date tutorial from component_help I was able to change the order and look of my date, but I have a problem. I wanted certain parts of the date to be bold and I have no idea how to accomplish this. I tried adding <b> </b> tags around the areas I wanted bold in the date code, but it was read as literal text and it came out as & l t ; b & g t ; and & l t ; /b & g t ; (without the spaces obviously).

What I want is: Sat: 03/12/05 @ 05:14 pm

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

Here is what my date related code looks like:
set my_date = "long";
set lang_fmt_date_long = "%%da%%: %%mm%%/%%dd%%/%%yy%% @" ;

(Feel free to tell me/delete this if my asking here is a problem)

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