Guil (guil) wrote in component_help,

LJ just added the Tags functionality.
I have a layer that overrides the printing of entries, so that now I cannot see the link to my tags because I don't have it coded in my layer. Could someone help on how to add it?
I have code for the Mood and Music fields, I suppose I should add something similar for the Tags field, but I don't know how.

Here's what I have for Mood/Music:

# Print Mood and/or Music Fields:
# If we have a mood to print
if ($e.metadata{"mood"}!="") {
# first we need a spacer after the entry text
# """

# and then we print the mood label and the mood
""" $*text_meta_mood : """; print $e.metadata{"mood"};
# followed by the mood icon if one exists. If you don't want the mood icons to show, remove the line below
if (defined $e.mood_icon) { """ $e.mood_icon """; }
if ($e.metadata{"music"}=="") { """
"""; }
# If we have music to print
if ($e.metadata{"music"}!="") {
# If we didn't print a spacer because the mood was empty, then print one
# if ($e.metadata{"mood"}=="") { """

"""; }
# then print the actual music label and the music
""" $*text_meta_music : """; print $e.metadata{"music"};


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