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I'm having a lot of trouble. What I want is a basic simple concept, and I've looked through hte tutorial listed and feel like a total idiot, because I don't understand it at all. ANd I know its a simple tutorial, but my brain is not picking it up. I don't know what to copy and paste adn what to not, and everytime I do, I get tons of errors that I don't understand. I want to simply shrink and center my journal and add a banner. I KNOW there is a tutorial, I've read it and read it and read it again. I know Html quite well, but as you've said S2 is a language of its own. If someone could just help me understand the tutorial, because my mind isn't picking it up.

I do appologize if this is annoying, but I don't know where else to go. Please forgive me if you all get these all teh time. I hate to be frustrating you, but I'm at the end of my rope. I've designed my banner its 700 pixels by 350 pixels, I have the colors/text/ all that set up as I want, not I just want to squish it and add the banner? any help out there tonight?

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