Mwahaha (vanillabuzz) wrote in component_help,

Duh me! Dummy! Get it? I know, I suck.

It's me again, with another question. First of all though, as I've been lurking for a long time but today is the first day I post... I want to say this is an excellent community. The tutorials are brilliant. Thanks so very much to everyone who's worked on them!

Now, today's second question.

I've been searching, and I actually did a search too (I just discovered the "search" option, wooo) to find out how I can modify my navigation without messing up the "previous" and "next" options from it. For what I've read so far, it seems to be a very hard task. I spent all day trying to do it by modifying my own codes. I didn't get an error when compiling, but nothing happened either. The new links I added to the navigation just wouldn't appear. It's been a short while since somebody asked this, I believe, but I wonder if any of you has achieved this (and if so, how?).

Cheers! ^^;

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