Just a girl (slow_like_honey) wrote in component_help,
Just a girl

Unwanted stripe background.

Using this tutorial I was able to create additional components. And, when I select that custom style, they show up and my journal remains in the colour theme Mellow which I had selected before because I clicked override on all the colour options before compiling the layer like the tutorial told me, too. However, as my journal is now, with the Mellow theme, my background appears as a solid light pink. When using my custom layer the background is still pink but has small dark gray stripes through it all, much like the Default theme setting for Component. Is there a box I should have checked or unchecked? Is there a line of code I can add to my custom layer to remedy this?

(Note: I have looked through the FAQ's and back two pages and did not see my question answered. Other people have commented on the tutorial with similar questions but received no responses. I would very much like to figure this out because I want a solid colour background without the lines through it and my additional components.)

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