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A couple of questions!

I have a few questions. I have looked in all the tutorials and searched with no answers or maybe I missed them.

Edited: Fixed! :) Thanks to all that gave help and input! :)

I have a component layout with the image fixed on the right. I love it and just figured out how to do it this morning using a bit of code found here.
Since it's such an old entry, I didn't really think anyone would respond, so, I'm asking here as well. :) I took off the component "side bar" and now just have the nav bar on the top.

Question 1.
How do you add things to the nav bar on the top. Links and such? Here's my layer source if you want to take a look-see. Is there a way to add links?

Question 2.
How do I get the comment boxes to stay fixed in all browsers? You can see what I mean here. It does it in IE, and I use Firefox and there's a lot of overlapping. How do I move the "Delete", "Screen", "Freeze" links from the right? I wonder if that's what's making it spread out so much??

I appreciate any insight, comments, hints y'all can pass along! :) Thank you in advance!!


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