Ram_Crazy (ram_crazy) wrote in component_help,

Scrolling entries

Ok i messed up somehow in the code using the scrolling entries tut, so please help me out. I've been able to understand the tuts that i have used do far but for some reason i don't understand this one, which makes it diffcult to see where i messed up. Though im not proclaiming to be an expert, lol. To see whats happened check out my journal (http://www.livejournal.com/users/ram_crazy/). Here is the code CODE. Where in the code can you change the heigth and width of ehere you want the entries to be before the scrolling starts? I hope that question makes sense. Thanks in advance! ^_^

Also could someone direct me to a tutorial for different views of my friends page. Example 1 view for grapshics stuff, 1 for personal friends, 1 for icons, etc. Then put links to these different views in my navigation bar? I've seen the different views around as links on their links components so i know its possible but is it possible to put it on the nav comp instead? If it is, how would i go about doing that? Thanks!

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