le gazon (gazon) wrote in component_help,
le gazon

problem with the width of entries on comment pages

Hi, I have a little question (I think it's a little one, lol).
I used shrinking and centering tutorial. Everything worked out great until I started to edit the code :)
I want to view comment pages in my journal style, but I do not want any components there.
Here is what I did (my changes are in red)

function page_layout(Page p) {
if ($*comp_state == "left" and $p.view == "recent") {
<td width="3">
<img src="$*PALIMGROOT/component/clear.gif" width="3" height="1" alt="" border="0" />
"""; }

As a result, entries on comment pages do not have my set width of 90%. You can see it here – example. My navigation bar is 90% width, but the entry is not. I wonder why. Please help me to fix it. Thank you in advance.

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