That girl you know, but don't remember (dejavudoo) wrote in component_help,
That girl you know, but don't remember


Okay, I just joined and just got my paid account two days ago. All I really wanted to know was how to resize the width of my layout without affecting anything else. I.E. navigation bar, etc.

Also, I wanted the code on how to link your main default userpic, so that when you click on it, it shows all your other icons.
And the last thing, I wanted to know was how to have the "ALT" tags say how many comments you have. (For example: pamelajoy. My comment links are similiar to her's. Mine just says "read," so it doesn't show how many comments I have, but I would like an ALT tag, so when you hover over it, it would show up. Hope I'm not confusing anybody!

Thanks for the help!

Y Erynn

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