Moxie (bemocked) wrote in component_help,

recreating the linkbar

Using: $e->print_linkbar(); to call/display the linkbar with my entries puts the (non-navigable) linkbar on the main entries page, like this:

and then automatically adds the green-arrow navigation buttons for the comments view pages, like this:

I am interested in displaying the full linkbar including navigation (the second one with the green arrow buttons) with my entries for the recent entries view page for a different, (not bemocked), journal that is configured to only display one entry at a time on the recent entries view.

I have been looking for a sample of the code to recreate the full (with navigation) linkbar and haven't discovered it in any of the tutorials... Is there a handy S2 name for this "full linkbar" (second one), a'la $e->print_linkbar(); or do I need to recreate the linkbar entirely for my recent entries views?

If I need to recreate the linkbar... can someone point me in the direction of the links/code for the navigation buttons?

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