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I have searched & searched..
There is my style..

I'm trying to simply put a header above this layout. With this code..

function Page::print_custom_head() {
<style type="text/css">
body {
background-image: url("http://img332.imageshack.us/img332/7700/14bn.png") ;
background-repeat: no-repeat ;
background-attachment: scroll ;
background-position: top ;
margin-top: 300px ; # replace HHH with your image height in pixels
.header {
text-align: center;

Am i doing something wrong?? I tried putting it between <body> and </style> tags but it only gives me this error.

S2 Compiler Output at Wed Jul 13 20:19:40 2005
Error compiling layer:
Compile error: line 132, column 12: Unexpected token found. Expecting: [TokenPunct] = (
Got: [TokenIdent] = type
S2::Node, S2/Node.pm, 139
S2::NodeArguments, S2/NodeArguments.pm, 25
S2::NodeTerm, S2/NodeTerm.pm, 450
S2::NodeIncExpr, S2/NodeIncExpr.pm, 41
S2::NodeUnaryExpr, S2/NodeUnaryExpr.pm, 40
S2::NodeProduct, S2/NodeProduct.pm, 28
S2::NodeSum, S2/NodeSum.pm, 31
S2::NodeRelExpr, S2/NodeRelExpr.pm, 41
S2::NodeEqExpr, S2/NodeEqExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodeLogAndExpr, S2/NodeLogAndExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodeLogOrExpr, S2/NodeLogOrExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodeRange, S2/NodeRange.pm, 29
S2::NodeCondExpr, S2/NodeCondExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodeAssignExpr, S2/NodeAssignExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodeExpr, S2/NodeExpr.pm, 29
S2::NodePrintStmt, S2/NodePrintStmt.pm, 48
S2::NodeStmt, S2/NodeStmt.pm, 35
S2::NodeStmtBlock, S2/NodeStmtBlock.pm, 42
S2::NodeFunction, S2/NodeFunction.pm, 104
S2::Layer, S2/Layer.pm, 58
S2::Compiler, S2/Compiler.pm, 27


128: <img src="http://www.livejournal.com/palimg/component/clear.gif" width="3" height="1" alt="" border="0">
130: function Page::print_custom_head() {
131: """
132: <style type="text/css">
133: body {
134: background-image: url("http://img332.imageshack.us/img332/7700/14bn.png") ;
135: background-repeat: no-repeat ;
136: background-attachment: scroll ;

:( help!

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