Carmen (carmen) wrote in component_help,

Adjusting number of comments

Okay, I programmed in college, but it's been about 2 years since I did anything serious. And while I know s1 really well, I never caught on to s2. I've read through the stuff on the community, on livejournal, and on google, but haven't been able to answer my questions. I think this probably means that the answer is that it's not possible, but I'm going to ask anyways because maybe it's that no one has tried before, or that I just plain missed it.

One of the things about component that I love is that you can get the summary of the comments posted on a page on the sidebar. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of comments, you only get the comments from the page posted on that page. Is there a way to get a summary of all the comments posted on an entry on one page? I'd guess that the number of comments per page is hard-coded since it's the same for all the styles, but I wasn't sure about the summary itself.

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