Moxie (bemocked) wrote in component_help,

splitting $e.security_icon out of print_entry_header( ) & left-right justifying

I would like to have the date for individual entries right-justified, which I accomplished in the style sheet with:

.entryDate {text-align: right;}

but, I would like to keep the security icon left-justified while the date/time text is right justified

I am having a difficult time determining how to split up my print_entry_header( ) statement and how to code this alignment split such that the security icon and the date/time will still be on the same "line" (not make the entry header bar "taller") but be justified to the left and the right, respectively. This is what my print_entry_header( ) line in function print_entry(Page p, Entry e, Color bgcolor, Color fgcolor, bool hide_text) { } looks like right now:

print_entry_header((defined $e.security_icon?"$e.security_icon   ":"")+"posted at "+$e.time->time_format()+" on <b>"+$e.time-<date_format("long")+"</b>");

Anything in print_entry_header( ) will be controlled collectively by the style-assignment in .entryDate { }, right? any suggestions?

Also, to help explain, sample graphic of the header of a security-enabled post in my journal (with the security icon NOT left justified) is behind the cut:


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