Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. (heartburn) wrote in component_help,
Sometimes they're little, subtle moments.

littly tiny question

This is a really little question, but it seems it's always the easy, piece of cake, things that stump me. I redid my layout, and when I changed the colors I couldn't get the title of my component boxes, like where it says "loop" or "watching" or "profile" to change colors. I went through and tried changing every color to this bright green to see if I could spot it, and I couldn't find it. I know where to look for the codes, just if someone could tell me what it says specifically, ex. color bg} #5345 blahblahblah}, so I know exactly what little part I'm looking for, I'd appreciate it. I checked through the memories but didn't see anything addressing each individual piece of color codes. thanks. BTW my source is viewable, if that makes a difference.

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