Matthew (devianc) wrote in component_help,

Awesome Idea - No Way to Exploit It...That I know of

Has anyone ever thought about creating a search component using tags in a component journal as the query. The idea is just as simple as that. With every entry, the writer adds a tag(s) to the entry for future search references.

Say I write an entry about my thoughts on the government, and put government as a tag for the entry. Later on, I wanted to quickly find that entry and/or like entries about the government, bam! all of the entries with that tag come up in chronological order. If the tag didn't exist for that journal then use some default error component/page.

this would make navigating through a community or an archive a lot easier, yes?

I lack the necessary skill to do this, but see how fast I learn S2 to get this up and running. thoughts?

- Matthew

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