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dynamic scrollbar colors

tell me what you think of these:
the default color theme has colors that can make the scrollbar look like the normal ie scrollbar and the one that you see in firefox. i tried to emulate that in the first column of colors. some of the color themes however look fucked up with that. so... i tried to make a secondary version that can be used by setting var bool scrollbar_invert = true; ... since i suck at colors, what do you think?
var bool  scrollbar_invert     = false;
var Color scrollbar_3dlight    = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_bgcolor->clone() : $*comp_bgcolor->clone();
var Color scrollbar_highlight  = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*comp_bgcolor->clone()   : $*header_bgcolor->clone();
var Color scrollbar_face       = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_bgcolor->clone() : $*comp_bgcolor->clone();
var Color scrollbar_arrow      = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_fgcolor->clone() : $*comp_fgcolor->clone();
var Color scrollbar_shadow     = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_link->clone()    : $*header_link->clone();
var Color scrollbar_darkshadow = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_fgcolor->clone() : $*comp_fgcolor->clone();
var Color scrollbar_track      = not $scrollbar_invert ? $*header_bgcolor->clone() : $*comp_bgcolor->clone();

<style type="text/css">
html {
  scrollbar-3dlight-color:    $scrollbar_3dlight;
  scrollbar-highlight-color:  $scrollbar_highlight;
  scrollbar-face-color:       $scrollbar_face;
  scrollbar-arrow-color:      $scrollbar_arrow;
  scrollbar-shadow-color:     $scrollbar_shadow;
  scrollbar-darkshadow-color: $scrollbar_darkshadow;
  scrollbar-track-color:      $scrollbar_track;
Tags: !tutorial, browser: ie, class: page, function: print_custom_head

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