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small issue...

Everything in my layout and code is correct, but for some reason my background image isn't showing up, it's just showing the two-color striped default background (it's yellow and cream on my current layout). Basically my question is, do I need to put something additional in with all the junk before the body tag in order for the background image to show instead of the lines... if not, then do you see some issue in my code that I'm not catching? As far as I can see it should be working, unless I'm blind. Hehe.

Here is what my stuff looks like right now:

layerinfo "type" = "theme";
layerinfo "name" = "Trying Layout";
set font_size = "small";
set text_post_comment = "freak me out";
set page_recent_items = 10;
set lineheight = 10;
set free_text = "true";
set text_meta_mood = "mood";
set calendar_fgcolor = "#3E3544";
set page_friends_items = 25;
set calendar_inactive = "#FFFFFF";
set comment_divider = "//";
set text_read_comments = "1 kid // # kids";
set entry_fgcolor = "#44353D";
set text_post_comment_friends = "freak me out";
set calendar_link = "#FFFFFF";
set comp_bgcolor = "#FEFDEB";
set text_meta_music = "music";
set comp_navbar = true;
set header_fgcolor = "#000000";
set entry_link_visited = "#AE017E";
set font_family = "tahoma, arial, sans-serif";
set background_scrolling = "fixed";
set text_read_comments_friends = "1 kid // # kids";
set nav_text_back = "previous";
set calendar_active = "#4BAB27";
set nav_entries_text = "e n t r i e s";
set nav_calendar_text = "a r c h i v e";
set nav_info_text = "u s e r * i n f o";
set nav_friends_text = "f r i e n d s";
set fourth_position = "links_order";
set underline_links = "no";
set entry_link = "#AE017E";
set nav_text_forward = "next";
set show_entry_userpic = true;
set entry_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";
set main_bgcolor = "#FEFED5";
set comp_state = "right";
set show_profile = true;
set header_bgcolor = "#61D988";
set comments_bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";
set third_position = "calendar_order";
function page_layout(Page p) {
var string title = $p->title();

[html, title, text and link color css... etc]


(brackets removed for viewing purposes)

body background=""
centerimg src=""/center>

[table coding... ...and then all the other stuff and my profile yadda yadda... and so on]


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