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Give them a hand!

Alright, lets give some propz. This community has, without doubt, grown beyond anything I imagined it would be. Its still active, still strong, and still helping others. When liabunny first approached me about making a community specifically for the users of component to help each other, as opposed to s2component which is just for news about component, I never imagined it would become the most active s2 community out there (I think I keep an eye on most of them).

Why does it kick so much booty? Users helping users. Not only that, but they're doing it without compensation for the most part! So, lets give them some thanks. If someone here has helped you out, let them know here. I'll start...

liabunny - Thanks for making this community. saved my friggin life. before this community i was getting all these questions in comments and direct emails. so many that i couldn't keep up and became quite defeated with it all.

kunzite1 - C'mon, you the man. Not only do you seem to be everywhere at once, helping everyone with just about every s2 style out there, but you've helped me with code as well. I haven't had time to keep up on all the latest s2 stuff, and when I have needed to know, you've been the one to get me up to date. Also, taking over running the community (as the glorious leader) has kept my inbox empty, thanks.

masterslacker - Despite your disappearance from this community, you're getting some propz here as well. Back in the day you helped out a lot as well. I believe I even modified some of the component code (it may have been one of my other s2 layouts though) based on some stuff I learned from you.

And thanks to all of those who have helped out here, this entry is really for you. The ones I have mentioned here are the ones that I personally have worked with and have helped me. Many of you who have written tutorials and aren't even s2 wizards, but have shared what knowledge you have, you rule.
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