Brown Eyed Girl (browneyedgirl65) wrote in component_help,
Brown Eyed Girl

syndicated feeds?

I'm trying to pull together a link or even a page for syndicated feeds (RSS). I've noticed that show=c and show=p on the friends page exclude RSS feeds that are set up to be "friend" entries. They'll only show up if you don't specify the show= limitation. This is, of course, greatly inconvenient, and I've been poking about a bit to see if a coding workaround is possible. Thoughts?

Finally an answer from the LJ support team ... "show=y" will get you the syndicated feeds on their own page. Additionally you can combine things, like "show=py" will put rss & personal updates on a single friends page.

--BEG, off to check the LJ support pages for any answers yet...

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