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A squared components question...

alright I used the entry(it was VERY helpful btw<3) on squared components to code my journal, but im having two problems.

First, for some reason im still seeing the rounded 'header'(?) I guess from the normal components on the top of my journal.

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Secondly, I have no date. someone gave me the coding to edit the date but no matter where i put it, it just doesnt take...

line-height: 36px;
font-family: serif;
font-size: 36pt;
color: #FFFFFF;
letter-spacing: 10px;
text-align: right;

.date2 {
line-height: 10px;
margin-top: -19px;
font-family: serif;
font-size: 14pt;
color: #FE8A90;
letter-spacing: 5px;
text-align: right;

.date3 {
line-height: 20px;
margin-top: 8px;
font-family: serif;
font-size: 10pt;
color: #FE7077;
letter-spacing: 2px;
text-align: right;

some help will really be appreciated<3


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