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Two things...

First, I just want to say that this community has helped me extensively so far in all that I've tried. However, I've come up with a couple things that an hour of searching in here have not helped. Those things are...

1. I want to be able to set link colors independently for my navbar, my titlebar, my headers, etc. I think I have to setup a layout layer, but I don't know the code to use, nor can I find it. For the moment, I've set all my links to a temporary color so that I can see them all.

2. I have figured out how to tweak the headers for my components, but as far as doing similar tweaking to my titlebar and entry headers, I have no luck. I've been able attempting to use a combination of the print_my_entries and print_entry_header functions, and I've also defined a layer containing the code I want to use as my titlebar, but no further have I been able to go.

Any help anyone can give on either of these problems would be most appreciated!

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