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Making your layers viewable/Posting code

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>> Making your layers viewable
If you need to post large portions of code, it's easier to make your layer(s) and/or style viewable. Now it does NOT mean that you have to give anybody your password. If a person asks you do that then he/she's a moron. DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD.

That being said what should you do?

Put layerinfo "source_viewable" = 1; into the top of your layer(s) and compile. Then go back to the Your Layers page. In front of each layer you have a number. Give it to the person who's helping you.

If you need to give your style ID, you'll find it next to your style's name in the Your Styles page.

She/He will then create a copy of your layer and work on it. Once everything's okay they will give you a link where you'll be able to see your 'new' layer.
>> Posting code
LiveJournal automatically interprets any HTML code you may write. For example if I write in a comment or in an entry <b>this text should be bolded<b> to bold my text, it will appear as this text should be bolded once I've posted my comment/entry.
So how do you do when you want to write <b>this text should be bolded<b> just like I've done above to make the code visible?
Characters which are interpreted as HTML have to be written with name codes. For example < corresponds to &lt; and > corresponds to &gt; 'Less than' and 'greater' than in fact.

You can see here a table which will give your all the corresponding codes for these symbols. BTW, see all the little cute useful things you can type in your comments like ♥ and ←, just by writing &hearts; or &larr; in your post. However, when you're posting code, typing all these little symbols would just take your forever.

Fortunately, you can use a wonderful tool: HTML for LiveJournal.
Write or copy/paste your code normally with all the < and = and things like that then click on the magic button (Modify HTML) and it will give you the corresponding gibberish.
Copy/paste the mess in your entry and ta-da everybody can see your code now.

Don't forget to use lj-cuts when you post code in an entry.
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