Love for Isla (sirenica) wrote in component_help,
Love for Isla

background image not showing up

Ok, sorry guys this is my last question. I've almost completed my layout, aside from fixing the colors and whatnot. I can't seem to get the repeated background ( image to show up, I'm not as good with html but I was wondering if someone could look at this code and see where I should put the repeated background image. I want there to be a header on top and the repeated background image in the back.

function Page::print_custom_head() {


<*style type="text/css"*>

body {

background-image: url( ;

background-repeat: no-repeat ;

background-attachment: scroll ;

background-position: top;
margin: 5px;

margin-top: 545px ; # replace HHH with your image height in pixels


.header {

text-align: center;





I tried doing set page_background_image = ""; but it didn't work. I also went to the customizations and to presentation and made sure the url was placed there.

Basically, the only thing that shows up is the header image.

Please, if anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, if my question is a bit confusing!

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