riddled with skies (tragedius) wrote in component_help,
riddled with skies

square help?

This question may have already been asked, but I checked the first few back pages and I found nothing of the sort. There was a recent entry, though, that's similar to my question but pertains to something different.

So, I checked the squaring tutorial and completely lost my mind because I am lousy at following directions and am seriously coding-deficient.

Now, my question: All I'm to do is copy that entire tutorial and paste it into a theme-layer? I did try it (because I am stupid like that) and all I got was compile errors. I have a strong feeling that I was supposed to do something first, but I don't know what. That, or I'm dumber than I thought.

Second, assuming that all I had to do was copy & paste, why is some of the text green? Does that have a purpose?

Finally -- and this is just a plea -- please help. I swear I tried figuring this out for weeks now but have failed fabulously in all aspects.

Thank you.

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