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How To Make Your Entry & Component Headers Look Flat

Note: Do not bother commenting on this post to ask for help. I will not respond. Make a new post instead.
The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to get rid of the 3D/shaded look of entry and component headers.

Note: This tutorial requires the print_custom_head() function. If you do not already have this function in your layer, you can find the tutorial for it here.

Second Note: It is also highly recommended that you also have your layout set up using Square Components, otherwise the corners of the headers will be flawed.  If you don't already have Square Components, you can find that tutorial here.

Now, on to the tutorial. Add the following code to the CSS section of your print_custom_head() function:

.ltLine, .medLine {
 background-color: $*header_bgcolor;
That's all there is to it, unless you happen to be using Square Components in conjunction with masterslacker 's Customizing Your Entries tutorial, in which case you may want to find the following code in the print_entry_header() function:

    <td class="dkLine" colspan="5"><img src="$*PALIMGROOT/component/clear.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0" /></td>
and replace it with this code:

<!--  <tr>
    <td class="dkLine" colspan="5"><img src="$*PALIMGROOT/component/clear.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0" /></td>
  </tr> -->

in order to remove the extra bottom border on the entry headers.
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