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Fanlisting for kunzite1...

I am applying to run a fanlisting for kunzite1 and I can't decide whether I should apply for his fanlisting to be under webmasters or people miscellany.

If people miscellany then should it be under people or occupations?

In an AIM conversation with him:
stupid_thing (1:23:07 PM): is c_h an occupation of yours?
kunzite1 (1:23:40 PM): sure.
kunzite1 (1:23:51 PM): it's what i do all day instead of getting a job.

So, what do all you here at component_help think?


[edit] stupid_thing (2:41:42 PM): btw: for the fanlisting, if i get accepted: would you rather be listed as a people or an occupation?
kunzite1 (2:42:19 PM): if i'm listed as a people, it could be more than just c-h peoples. and that'd be rad.
stupid_thing (2:42:40 PM): so you wanan be listed as a ppl?
kunzite1 (2:42:49 PM): ind33d.
stupid_thing (2:42:56 PM): ok.
kunzite1 (2:43:24 PM): "k1 says he wanna be a ppl omg" [/edit]

ps; anyone who decides to go ahead and apply for it before me will die a slow, painful death. have a nice day =P
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