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A couple of questions...

I have been playing with the layout of my LJ and would like to do the following, please. Any help would be so appreciated!

Question 1 - Solved! :) I would like to move the sidebar down so it's even with the entries. I'm not using shrink & center, just the regular layout, with the square components tutorial. I tried moving it with .CSS, but it shifts the entire journal down as well.

Question 2 - Solved! :) Where would I put the following code to have it appear in the title bar of the browser? I had it in the code with the shrink and center and double components, but I'm not using that now and I'm stumped where to put it.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="$p.stylesheet_url" type="text/css"/>

<title>Girlie Blog -- Chock full of girlie things!</title>


Thanks everyone for their help! :)

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