Brown Eyed Girl (browneyedgirl65) wrote in component_help,
Brown Eyed Girl

coupla questions -- smiley tutorial, square comp tutorial

First, why does the smiley tutorial point to the s2layer help file, which basically starts out by saying "This won't work for boxer and component styles, for those, use this (links there)." Why not just link to that directly? Just seemed odd.

Also, looked at the square component tutorial, and I have a question about that. It seems to go in and modify every single instance of some kind of component printout, one by one. But, every component calls print_comp_header and print_comp_footer -- couldn't those two routines be modified to automatically square off any/all components with two modified functions? And then something similar for entries. Looks like maybe print_entry_header and print_system_box_bottom ? So you modify a total of four routines to cover it all? Cause it seems like with the approach in this tutorial, you have to do everything individually, and also remember to include the same sort of code if you create a new component

Of course, the flaw in this reasoning is that these functions may not actually draw out the rounded components. *mutter* Guess I'll dig out the full code again, somewhere, I know it's hiding around here somewhere...

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