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source code blues

I remember when I first posted, some kind soul gave me a link to the source code for components, although that was soemthing of a no-no b/c it's not open code. Nevertheless, I have been searching and trawling all through this lj for the last two hours going bats trying to retrieve that post, given that you can't search on poster's name, and some other "obvious" search terms like cvs are coming up with nothing. Since I don't remember exactly when I first started posting here, I can't even try using the calendar and reading through some months' worth in the hopes of hitting it. Searching for the initials I usually use to sign off didn't work either...

Tried also searching on the stuff I want the source for, but they only appear as calls, not with their own code attached...

So. Can some kind soul risk incurring kunzite's wrath by reposting that link, or else can someone freakin' post the code for print_comp_header and print_comp_footer? If the link, I promise to squirrel it away, and keep it secret forevermore... and not tell kunzite B-) (just kiddin'...)

BEG, frustrated programmer

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