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theres something you people need to know ^_^

for those of you who are making all these customizations to your journals, this is changing the layout from what it was initially intended to be. im sure xevinx encourages all of us to make our own version of component. here's the deal tho, *if* you make customizations, make sure you know that it will take time, patience, some programming skills, and lots and lots of headaches when your layers dont compile correctly. (i know that all this is true due to the fact that i have been writing several programs in several languages, both online and offline, its a pain) anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on that. i think i may have worded this a little harshly, i totally dont mean it to be. ive been communicating with many of the users on this site and they know im a nice guy and im pretty fun too, so, im not attacking anyone here. (i just woke up, this is a really random entry). anyway... im gonna run off and play with masterslacker's comments function over-ride.

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