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Starting over?

Let me ask you guys some questions.

I customized my journal based on the first tutorials here, way back when component was new, and so I'm not able to use most of the newer tutorials, because they seem to be based on constantly evolving code (new variables, different functions, etc.) and they conflict/duplicate some of the coding I already have. I also have trouble integrating multiple tutorials for the same reason - new ones aren't compatible with older ones. I suspect that is because the same people who post the tutorials are constantly tweaking their own code to make it cleaner/more efficient, but unless I follow every post and every change, there's no way for me to do the same.

1) Is there an obvious chronology, where I can work my way through from the old coding to the new coding?

2) Do you ever go back and update old tutorials, or at least indicate which ones are obsolete or incompatible?

3) Should I just start over from scratch, and if so, how do I know what works together and what doesn't?


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