Influenced Biotch (influencedbiotc) wrote in component_help,
Influenced Biotch

Components on both sides

I'm trying to use the tutorial to put components on both sides. (Please keep in mind this lj is still work in process.) I keep getting errors. I have used the tutorial here but I think my problem is in combining too many tutorials together. I used the tutorial here to add the control panel previously. I am thinking the problem and errors may be coming from not being able to use print_comp_header/print_comp_footer. How do I change the control panel to make it work? (Not saying this is the only thing that may be causing the problems)

To be more specific... what I am trying to accomplish is similiar to ggdsbuckeye's layout. With the exception of a graphic above the entries rather than the text box

Perhaps the entire thing needs re-written, I am not sure. I have just begun S2 experiments this past week.

Thank you for your help!

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