kunzite (kunzite1) wrote in component_help,

minions vs. morons

level -1 morons need help turning on their computer.
level 0 morons bitch and complain when we get annoyed at them or don't understand what they're saying because they don't know s1 overrides from function overrides. XD
level 1 morons need to be walked every step of the way.
level 2 morons can't read the provided documentation or just totally miss the concept of s2.
level 3 morons need to be told which tutorials they need to use to achieve what they want. even if they're obviously titled.
level 4 morons still suffer from not being able to find the obviously titled tutorials, but, they're able to walk around a bit on their own.
level 5. this is the middle. welcome. you're a minioron.
level 4 minions don't quite have it all together, but they are able to help others and i might come in to push them in the right direction.
level 3 minions just need to be told/shown where the code is, and then they can take it from there.
level 2 minions need no help and may even help others.
level 1 minions invent new stuff.

so. are you a moron, minioron, or a minion?
i just invented these right off the top of my head.
if you think there should be some alterations or additions, please let me know. :)

also. if your badge is a or you don't agree with the one that you currently have, by all means let me know and we shall talk about it.
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