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Header Problem 1

Edit: With much help from faerieflings my journal is sorted -- thank you again!

I have spent the last 4 hours trying to correct a mistake I've made, and I just appear to be going around in circles! :/

My problem is, I have combined the wonderful shrinking and centering tutorial with the square componets tutorial, and it looks lovely -- I just don't see my header! *scatches head*

I've spent a long time trawling through the tutorials on here, I've tried doing searches, but I just seem to be able to find out what I've done wrong. *blushes*

If any kind soul in this community would mind taking a quick look under the cut at my codes, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you in advance to all who aren't as daft as I appear to be today!

I'm so sorry, but I've had to post this in two parts, as the post was too long to post all my codes on there own! So the shrinking and centering comes first, and in my second post directly, (hopefully!) after this one, is the squared code, just added on the end of this one. I'm so sorry for this!

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