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Looking for help (Transition Code for S2 Component doesn't work)

I follow this community a while but never saw this question asked nor did I find it in the memories or tags (or a tutorial):
I used to have a transition code for S2 that worked, even in my new layer. But since the layer got edited so that the header is now showing properly, it doesn't work any longer. The code for the transition looks like before (before the layer got edited). Sorry but I'm at the end of my wits. (I'm not a html crack). Can someone take a look at my code and tell me what's wrong? It did work right before and I don't understand why it stopped. (When I tried to make the layer visible I got a compile error. I did upload the layer as a text file now: LINK - click here This is the link to the file. You have to push the button: "GMX Media Center starten". Then you'll see the file: Cordykitten Additional Customizations.txt. I'm not sure if somebody can help - I just hope.) Now I was able to make the layer visible:
It says Child of layer 24857.
My layer has the number: 5565419
Additional Customizations (name of layer)
TNX; I don't need it any longer. It's fine without too.

*edit May 17th, 2011*

When replacing the lines
[link rel="stylesheet" href="$p.stylesheet_url" type="text/css" /]

towards the bottom of my theme layer with
"""; $p->print_head();
$p->print_stylesheets(); """

like fiddlingfrog suggested because of another error, it brought the code back for IE.

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