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In Need Of Help With Various Tweaks

I'm probably a level four moron, so please bear with me...

I looked around through the tutorials and went as far back in the entries as I could and didn't really see anything that could help me. In case reference is needed my LJ is here (or you could just click on my username next to the shiny icon--whichever suits you).

I would like to:
  • have 3px padding above my header image and under the nav bar.
  • make the nav bar and footer background changed to white.
  • have the side and entry component borders to be #c3c3c3 instead of #919191.
  • swap the places of the entry subject with the entry date, aligning the subject to the left and the date to the right
  • have all my tags linked in a side comp.
  • center the links in my nav bar.
  • have my icons appear in my own entries.
  • remove the "(link)" at the bottom of entries.
  • remove the dashes beside my user pic in my profile comp.
  • change the border color around my user pic.
  • adjust the line height on the text in my profile comp.
  • center user & community names under their respective user pics on my flist.
  • keep my pages from distorting when someone posts large graphics.

    I realize that it's a lot, but I think (and correct me if I'm wrong) that most of them are pretty simple--I'm just not quite sure what kind of code goes where.

    Any help at all would be muchly appreciated.
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