Serendipity (sararah) wrote in component_help,

custom title bar + shrinking and centering

Hi! I've read both the shrinking/centering + header image tutorial and the custom title bars component tutorial. I currently have the custom title bar implemented in my layout, but I am having trouble shrinking and centering -- mainly, should the custom title bar code be embedded in the shrinking and centering code or vice versa? I'm shooting for a look similar to blue_hurricane with the nav bar centered over the custom title comp when it is all done. Shrinking and centering achieves the look I am going for, but I just can't get the custom title bar along with it.

Thanks already to the excellent minions who have compiled the tutorials, I was suprised at how far I got with S2 on my own on my very first try!

Cheers and thanks!

Edit: I got the codes to compile when I run them together, but the custom title bar comp no longer shows up, so i think something in the s&c is overriding it.

It is layer 5596201 and I just made it public. Thanks! :)

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