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I'm really crap when it comes to explaining things so I'll try my best with this post. I'm also very slow to learn something new, I have no knowlegde whatsoever when it comes to all the PHP stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if this isn't the right place for all these questions I apologise now. :)

I would like to have three separate images on my journal.

1. Header image
2. Replace the nav bar with an image map.
3. An image on the side of my journal to replace the components

1. Header Image

I would like the header image to be random or rotating images because I'm constantly wanting to change my layout, so I thought it might be easier to have the header image random to satisfy my need for something new. I have no idea if that is possible, but I know you can have the random userpic code, so I was wondering if that was also possible for the header image?

2. Nav bar

I don't like the nav bar, but I do like having the navigation, so I would like to have a separate image map for the navigation but I'm not sure if that it's possible to have both an nav bar image map and a separate header image. If that's not possible, I would then like to have a background for the nav bar instead.

3. Image to replace the components

I think I might be able to use a background image on my journal where the components would be, but I'm not sure if I can remove all components while keeping the current shape of my layout. The image would look similar to the components. I know, I could just leave the components there, but I like to make things difficult for myself.

What my layout looks like now:

What I'd like it to look like:

All of this sounds really complicated to me, so I may end up doing what I can and just have the header image on it's own, or maybe there's a different layout I could use to achieve this? But, if there is some way I can put all of this together I would greatly appreciate some input and help.

Thank you.


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