Albur Lily (albur) wrote in component_help,
Albur Lily

Layout coding, etc.

Hello everyone, I'm back again.

I'm completely useless at coding. I can never get things all in the right place, nor correctly compile it all. I can get so far, put I always get stuck.

I have looked in all the tutorials, some of which I do need... but what I want to do requires one hell of a lot of coding and I'm simply not talented enough to get everything done right. This layout is basically what I'm after, except with not as much detail:

- Book component. (I have tried putting this in, but it refuses to compile)
- Journal header (title) on the right of an entry, not the left.
- I love the colours on this, but when I try to do something similar, the border colours refuse to show, and I don't understand why. I've just been trying for an hour to correct it, and I'm getting nowhere.
- The size of the entry font itself is a lot smaller than the small option we get in the customise area. How do I get the font so small?
- Small images underneath the entries, turned into links. (The pattern and the skull) What code do I need to add the images together?

I have the codes for the profile, extra text (quotes) on the top of the page, so I'm okay for that.

The main thing I need is help to get all the coding in the right order so it will compile and actually work...

Um... It would probably be a lot easier for me to ask the creator of this what coding they used, but that is unbearably rude and I'm very sure that they would not give a random stranger the code...

Any imput at all would be greatly appreciated.

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