Socket L. Nutmegging (bradamant) wrote in component_help,
Socket L. Nutmegging

Text color.

My new wintery color scheme has worked fine except for one thing: the component background is dark brown, and the text next to the radio buttons on the reply screen (Anonymous/Open ID/Logged in user) is black and can't be made out. You can see the problem on this page. Is there any way I can control this color and change it into something legible?

(In the past, I've "lost" colors by accidentally deleting "comp_fgcolor" from the layer, which for a while made me think that I had to find one text color for both the entry and component--what a nightmare. I wonder if there isn't another color that's missing from the list this time.)

The layer in question is here.

Edit: xtomxfallsx figured it out!

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